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Celeste Hargraves' Stats


These are the current stats for Celeste as of February 12, 2003.  It contains a history that is more current then that given in my other site for her.

RealName: Celeste Alexandra Hargraves Origin: Mutant / Vampire Apparent Age: 21 Height: 5'9" w/ inducer or shape-shifting power/6'5" in her natural form Wt: 120 lbs " " " /275 lbs in her natural form Hair: Red (see ethinicity) Eyes: Blue Ethnicity: caucasian (has green skin and hair unless uses her shifting power or the inducer) F: In 40 A: In 40 S: Am 50 E: Mn 75 R: Mn 75 I: Rm 30 P: In 40 Comeliness: AM 50 Health: 195 Karma: 1656 Inititive: d10 + 4 Resources: Gd 10 Popularity: 0 Legal Status: Citizen of the US with no criminal record Occupation: Computer Geek/ Wannabe SuperHero/ vampire Aliases: Formerly Retrofit, Genevive Evans when modelling Group: Dark Twilights Contacts: Camile Jenkins Becker Dekan Jeffery McDoug Equipment: Image inducer that allows her to alter her image to that of a normal human. Nightvision / Flash Reduction Goggles Various Tazers & other weapons (?) Computer Various technological wonders built over the years 24 hour Lab Access Computer Parts Clothes Tools Magic workbench for all her tools Magic sunglasses that protect her from sunlight Talents: Engineering Computers Chemistry Cybernetics Powers: Weapons Tinkering: Am 50 Total Recall: Am 50 Hyper-Invention: Am 50 HyperSpeed: Am 50 Shape Shifting: Ex 20 Body Resistance: Rm 30 Regeneration: Ex 20 Bio-Vampirism: Rm 30 Empathy: Rm 30 Emotion Control: Ex 20 Vampire Bite: Ex 20 Witchery Rm 30 Psychic Link(w/ April) Mn 75 Enhanced Senses Am 50 Power stunts: 1) All four of her hyperspeed attacks combine as one attack and it does Unearthly damage. 2) Whirlwind which twirls the target around. This does AM blunt damage and the target needs to make one Endurance feat to not pass out and if that is passed another to not throw up. 3) (Kit-Bashing) can make and modify devices quickly, even in combat. 4) can graft living body parts together easily. 5) can modify devices she did not make as easily as if she did make them. 6) can tinker with magical objects as easily as super-gadgets. Weaknesses: -Increased metabolism. Because of her mind constantly moving and her body being capable of incredible speeds, she must consume 3 times the normal amount of blood. -Due to her hyperspeed Celeste is subject to at least once a day hyper bursts. These bursts are random high speed spasms which leave Celeste barely able to function, if at all, for 1-10 minutes. -Zone out: Because of her powers she has to make a yellow feat to zone out and ignore everything and everyone around her when working on a project. - Celeste has some weaknesses because of her being a vampire: Blood Lust - Must consume 150 points of blood or suffer -1CS to all powers and abilities the following night (she must consume triple the normal amount due to her mutant metabolism) Sunlight - Excellent (20) damage in direct sunlight unless wearing special sunblock or wearing magical sunglasses. Fire does double damage Stake to heart paralyzes an unknown weakness in place of damage from silver History: Celeste is a genius. Ever since she was a child she has been on the upper level of intelligence and has been breezing by almost any challenge put before her. At age 8 she completed all her studies for high school. At age 12 she had earned her first two doctorates in Chemistry and Engineering. Celeste seemed to blow by every test and her academic career was astonishing. However her personal life was lacking, she was so ahead of everyone that she made very few friends, and was quickly labelled a geek and nut by most children her own age. Even though she was developing into a beautiful woman she couldn't escape the stigma. At age 16 she was starting to notice changes, she could work faster, and felt...smarter. She thought she might be a mutant but wasn't sure until one day she woke up, and almost fell down when she walked into the bathroom to see her now green skin, and green hair... When she first went out people either thought she was a freak or someone that had painted their skin. Luckily no one seemed to recognize her at first. She was also fortunate her parents were on vacation when she first changed. Deciding that she needed some way to move around in public she designed an image inducer so she would at least look normal when outside. At the age of 17 her father was killed in an auto accident. She spent the next few years hiding her secret from her mother. She was able to finish two more doctorate programs at CalTech. To pay her loans off she took a job researching and developing cybernetics at California State University at Long Beach. On the side she made weapons, equipment and gadgets for those she trusted in order to help pay off her loans and have some sort of an income. She took a shot at being a costumed hero named Retrofit but gave that up when the police seemed to think she was a vigilante. Last year while taking notes at a faculty meeting she met an instructor named Arania Williams. Soon thereafter Celeste was improving Arania's computer and taking a class or two taught by her. Arania went off to Brazil to hunt down some new type of insect and Celeste continued her usual life. Word soon got back to Celeste that Arania was seen in LA when she was supposed to be elsewhere and so Celeste decided to play Nancy Drew. Celeste spent a night tracking Arania's movements and found herself at a Magic and Herb Emporium. Here she found Arania and more than she had bargained for - her friend was now a vampire and there was a group of mutants, vampires and others whose goal was to keep the world safe. After some talking Celeste started to fit in with her new companions and after a few adventures she became a ghoul, a state between vampire and human. Seemingly she found herself coming face to face with vampires at every turn. This and a few other things led her to ask April (another of her vampire friends) to ghoul her. After a few more adventures Celeste, April and one of their companions were captured by a group of world dominators. While in captivity Celeste was forced to make weapons, gadgets, and oher things for the captors. One of these items was a serum that was supposed to change mutants into immensly strong and dumb shock troops. The serum was used on Celeste and after the adventure she grew in size and strength but her mental processes did not suffer. Celeste and April were forced to link their minds to survive easier. Their telepathic link allowed them to silently talk to each other better. At this point Celeste was a full ghoul. After a few more adventures Celeste and company found themselves up against two cold-weilding villains. These villains were holding LA hostage for millions of dollars. During the fight Celeste was impaled through the heart with an icicle and died. But that is not the end of the story - hours later Celeste found herself waking up - "alive" - as a vampire.