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Celeste Hargraves' Character Page

My name is Celeste Hargraves. I use all my skills in the fight against what's bad in the City of Angels. As if the drugs and gang wars aren't bad enough, I'm just beginning to find out there's far worse out there. I'm twenty-one and I've lived a lifetime in just the past four years or so. I was through high school at eight and college at twelve. Kids just loved to call me "Brainiac" and worse. But I made it to sixteen with no real problems.

Then the shit hit the fan. A few days after my sixteenth birthday science and computers came even easier to me. I began to think and also move at a higher rate of speed. And who would believe I could lift up to a ton if I chose to.

You know those people who can remember pages of the most useless stuff or conversations? I'm one of 'em. Sucks when you can remember every word to all the songs on your cousin's Backstreet Boys CDs without really trying. And I really hate the Backstreet Boys.

The trade off is that my skin turned green, I eat three times more than normal and I need to totally concentrate when I'm doing a project.  At that time I was what people call a mutant. I kept these abilities under wraps any way I could. Then last year I got the bright idea to fight crime as a costumed hero called Retrofit. Retrofit was also known to be a weapons designer and gadget maker. To those I felt I could trust I built stuff for and let my true but flesh-colored face be shown.

Over a year ago, I was talking with some friends of mine about a mutual friend who was in Brazil. Soon thereafter I found out she had been seen back in LA. At that point I decided to play Nancy Drew. I found my friend and a whole lot more ... vampires, werecreatures, oh my ... and .. well .. many other things the general public believes are fiction.

These days I rarely go out in my Retrofit identity. Occasionally I still make weapons and gadgets for those I trust outside of my new circle of friends.

I use an inducer I made that allows me to change my looks. This is so I don't freak people out by looking like Kermit the Frog or worse. Soon after finding the friend I was looking for I joined a group of beings trying to make the world a safer place.

Next major change for me was that I  willingly become a ghoul which is a state between human and vampire.

Months later found me at another crossroads.   A mission had  turned into a kidnapping of me and two of my friends.  The bad guys subjected me to a serum which changed me into a taller, stronger version of myself. I am now able to lift fifty tons. My connection with my vampiric sire grew stronger as she was one of the other kidnapees. We had to mentally bond further to escape easier from our captors.  
The latest installment of this soap opera found my friends and I up against some cold-wielding villains.  At the end of the fight I ended up with a large icicle through my heart and next thing I want to  remember was waking up as a full vampire.

Even with all these probs I'd have to say saving the world is better than studying stuff in the lab for the rest of my life.

Celeste is a character for an online Marvel Comics Role Playing Game Campaign set in 2002 using the rules made by TSR Games in 1984, 1986 and 1991.

Check out the description of the game here

(The prior link will send you to a yahoo groups page ... you will need to be 18 to view the description of the game as this game is age restricted.)

Celeste's Character sheet and full history can be found here

Celeste's picture

*Celeste when she employs her inducer or her shapeshifting powers is an attractive 5'9", 120 pound woman. She appears to be twenty-one, has shoulder length red hair, bright blue eyes and wears little make-up. She prefers to wear a tight black tshirt, tight black shorts, socks and red converse sneakers.*

[In her vampire state, Celeste is very attractive. She is green skinned / haired, is 6'5", weighs 275 pounds and is  muscular. She uses this form as little as possible outside of her circle of friends]

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